Placement Accelerator & Career Enhancer

PACE is a technology driven talent acquisition platform for corporate to conduct online evaluation online and shortlisting in seconds. It enables a corporate to hire the highest quality candidate available from Pan-India with a click of the button. It has been found out that during the course of hiring, more efforts of the recruiting company are spent on rejecting candidates rather than conducting the actual hire. PACE solves this problem by offering a convenient platform for creating a 'Filtered interview' – essentially saving precious time and management resources in eliminating candidates who are unsuitable for the job.

PACE acts as an automated platform for conducting qualifying exams with a click of a button and the hiring corporate retains complete control in the design of the test structure and of the selection process. It offers a robust examination environment that makes cheating difficult and prevents unfair selection practices. It is an initiative of Aspire Consulting Group, a premier HR services provider.

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